2014 New Orleans Public Library Summer Reading
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Summer Reading Program is for the Whole Family! Adults, too!
Welcome to our FIRST EVER Adult Summer Reading Program!

Pick your own reading goal--you know what you can achieve this summer.

When you reach your reading goal (and record it online) you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a Kindle e-reader. The random drawing
will take place during the last week of July 2014 and the winner announced at the July 28 event.

CSI Night at The Library - July 24 @ 7pm - Algiers Regional Library FBI Special Agent, Amy Scott, discusses evidence handling. Exhibits and complimentary refreshments.

Trivia Contest/Battle of the Book Clubs- July 28 @ 6pm - Rosa F. Keller Library & Community Center Bring your book club or join one for the night and compete against other groups in our trivia contest. Complimentary wine and cheese.

OVER 500

a brief history of time
Hawking, S
What did you think about this book?
Not timekeeping, but on cosmology and developing theories past general relativity and quantum mechanics. Some unhelpful photos, but generally good diagrams.
Rating 1 poor to 5 excellent
Waiting for Willa
Dorothy Eden
What did you think about this book?
Romantic suspense from 1969 loses a lot of its appeal. If you ever wanted to travel to Sweden in the 1960s, this will murder that ambition.
Rating 1 poor to 5 excellent