2014 New Orleans Public Library Summer Reading
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Important Messages
Summer Reading Program is for the Whole Family! Adults, too!
Get in the Teen SRP prize drawings if you complete by August 2! Come on in and get your prize qualification done--pick up some rewards.

Bookworms: You get a special free coupon & totebag (while they last)

Awesome! You're a reader!

Earn rewards for reading when you complete 8 books or 800 pages.

Hit the 20 book/2000 page mark this summer? Earn a totebag and extra prizes!

Attend free TEEN programs at any of our locations in New Orleans. Game Days, Movies, Science experiments, crafts, workshops, etc.

July 25 and August 1: Weird Science Fridays at Main Library 2 pm
2 part workshop on building rockets! Yes!

Finale Parties for Teens:
Games, crafts, pizza, giveaways, experiments at 2 locations!!!

July 26 2 pm Algiers Regional
July 26 2 pm Norman Mayer

A Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespear
What did you think about this book?
It is an intersting and funny book to read. There was lots going on. Watching it live was also fun to after you have read the book.
Die for Me
Amy Plum
What did you think about this book?
I thought this was a good book. I liked when Vincent was telling Katye about his life before he died.